Panzers 1.0

Enjoy the highlights of the second World War with this real-time strategy game
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Panzers is a real-time strategy game from FX Interactive. But this game has something special that makes it attractive: it's based on historical facts. Revive the highlights from the second world war, right from the Poland invasion. Command different troops achieving different campaigns along the war, exactly as it was happened. What is more, each campaign has hidden objectives to achieve (like secondary missions) that will help you to gain experience points and more.
Featuring the Guepard 3D Engine, you will experience a great gameplay with colorful graphics and stunning lightning effects. Sound effects are also clear and well-balanced. You will really feel like you were there.
Something to point out about this game is its low price. You will get an excellent game for less of $20. In my opinion, it's a worth to try it.
Please note that there is no download URL from the official site, but you can contact FX Interactive about where to buy the game (the buy url provided points to the FAQ about this topic). Otherwise, try some 3rd party online story.

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  • Revive the key moments of the second world war with great graphics and sound effects


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